Due in theaters in a little over a month on May 23rd, Cold In July looks like its going to be a thrilling winner.  While a good trailer does not always equate to a good movie, all signs are pointing to high quality after I watched this excellent official trailer which was released just a few days ago.  Most surprising however is that this film has a cast that is filled with relatively no-name actors, however there are a few faces that most of you will recognize.  If you like suspense/thriller movies, then this trailer – and movie – is definitely for you!  More after the jump below.

Cold In July Official Movie Trailer

So what did you think?  Yay or nay to this one?  I think Sam Shepherd will be an excellent villain, and Michael C. Hall – who I just realized played Dexter on well, Dexter, looks like a not-so-anonymous lead role – I knew that guy looked familiar (I’ve never seen Dexter; always went the HBO route instead of Showtime).  All in all this movie looks pretty awesome; as soon as new clips and trailers are released for Cold In July, we’ll publish them here on SQ so you won’t have to go far.

Drop us your thoughts below – for all of our movie trailers here at SQ just head on over to our official movie trailers tag!

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