Cold In July Official Movie Trailer

Due in theaters in a little over a month on May 23rd, Cold In July looks like its going to be a thrilling winner.  While a good trailer does not always equate to a good movie, all signs are pointing to high quality after I watched this excellent official trailer which was released just a few days ago.  Most surprising however is that this film has a cast that is filled with relatively no-name actors, however there are a few faces that most of you will recognize.  If you like suspense/thriller movies, then this trailer – and movie – is definitely for you!  More after the jump below.

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Prisoners Movie Trailer

I love a movie with a great villain.  Paul Dano, who you may know from Little Miss Sunshine, Looper, or There Will Be Blood fame, looks like an awesome villain in an intriguing new mystery/thriller entitled, Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gylennhaal, Terrance Howard, and Melissa Leo, which hopes to creep viewers out in theaters this September 20th.  The bottom line, at least from what I can glean from the great trailer, is that this is your pretty standard child abduction thriller, except Dano may prove to be the difference maker.  Prisoners features a ginormous amount of Academy Award-star power with five nominees, and one winner in Mr. Howard; if Paul Dano can deliver as the villain, then this film may really shine.

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Mud Movie Trailer

Mud stars Reese Witherspoon, and lead actor Matthew McConaughey as they both attempt to escape a Mississippi island as they are hunted by bounty hunters and state police.  Reese Witherspoon may look like her recent mugshot (too soon?), however this movie looks like it will be a great one.  The trailer above starts off a little slow, but to quote the infamous Ron Burgandy, “that escalated quickly!”  Mud hits theaters tomorrow, and this one has intrigued me just enough where I am going to try and convince the lady that we should be there. And for all zero of our lady readers out there, yes, Mr. McConaughey does take his shirt off in this trailer.  Calm down.

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