Who Cares About Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal Day?

Memes never get old, especially when they’re really good.  To be in the upper echelon of funny memes, it all starts with the original background photo.  Sure your captions may be stellar, but you won’t win your audience over unless it really fits well with the background photo.  That being said, the funny gaming meme creation crew around the Internet has been hard at work at pumping out some hilarious ones since yesterday’s “Xbox Reveal Day“, which honestly has created more confusion than there was before.  Although most gaming meme creators have aimed in on the “always-online” Internet connection “feature”, one photochopper decided to spin the reveal in an old-school way that probably only those of us that grew up on the NES would really appreciate.  Hit the link below to see what I mean.

Who Cares About Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal Day?

Xbox One Funny Pic Meme - SlightlyQualified.com

So true!  Every console I owned was “Nintendo” in my mom’s eyes, whether it was an actual Nintendo console, our computer, or not; if she really did know the difference, then she didn’t seem to care, and I’m positive I’m not alone on this.  Cheers to the 80’s!

More funny gaming memes to follow!


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