Watch the Birth of a Tornado Video

Is there anything scarier than a freaking tornado?  Growing up in Illinois I have had my fair share of tornado warnings – I’ve even been driving with my old man on two occasions in which the tornado siren was going off and we had to hide out in gas stations.  While I have never seen a real one in person, the crazy Marine in me wants to … from a safe distance away; I think it would just be a monster rush to see one live, but that’s just me.  This video, folks, is incredible – old, sure, but still incredible.  More after the jump!

Watch the Birth of a Tornado Video

I think anyone who watches this crazy tornado video yells either in their mind or out loud at the person who gets caught driving into the parking lot just as this mega tornado is forming seemingly right above him/her – I know I did.  It makes you wonder why people would be out in such severe weather like this, but like I mentioned above from personal experience, it can be hard to do especially if you’re from out of the area.  Sure there are weather reports, but there’s so much we don’t know about this video; from the people casually walking in the parking lot in the beginning it looks like it may be the end of a normal work day.  I’d love to see more of this video if it exists, but wow – what a crazy video!  Was driving forward not the best decision of his/her life?  Insane.

Oh, and the two best YouTube comments so far on this video are award-winners:

Garry S: The guy driving up in the car is Bad Luck Brian showing up for his first job interview. 

andythefork: returning his rental car that he didn’t opt for insurance.

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