Watch the Birth of a Tornado Video

Is there anything scarier than a freaking tornado?  Growing up in Illinois I have had my fair share of tornado warnings – I’ve even been driving with my old man on two occasions in which the tornado siren was going off and we had to hide out in gas stations.  While I have never seen a real one in person, the crazy Marine in me wants to … from a safe distance away; I think it would just be a monster rush to see one live, but that’s just me.  This video, folks, is incredible – old, sure, but still incredible.  More after the jump!

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Sim City Brings Back the Memories

Get excited!  In just two short hours, night-shifting, high school employees at your local GameStop’s and Best Buy’s will be stocking store shelves with the latest version of everyone’s favorite simulator, SimCity.  While the only folks likely to be camping out this evening probably hold Urban Planning undergraduate degrees (yeah, and you thought Political Science was awesome), let’s at least pay some homage to where homage is due as we travel back in time and savor those one, or maybe two hours, where we actually enjoyed playing SimCity.  Alright, maybe a half an hour.

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