The Whole 30 Plan: It’s Coming. It’s Coming. Dear God, It’s Coming.

My girlfriend recently asked me if I would be willing to try the Whole 30 with her sometime in the fall. And while people in healthy relationships understand that is the farthest thing from an actual question, I willingly (begrudgingly?) agreed. 

Here at Slightly Qualified, we believe that Slightly is more of an averaged word. Highly – lightly / two = Slightly). We’re not nutritionists. But we are two men who take physical health very seriously. One of us is a Marine (the other one), and not long ago, I completed a four month stint of Insanity. However, in my formative years, I battled being overweight even though my mother called it being husky.


Therefore, when my beautiful SO brought this up, my initial response was, “Um, ok. I mean, I know what I need to do to be in top shape. Just because I’m not currently doing it, it doesn’t discount the fact that I got this under control.” But after some talking, which thank God I have an awesome SO, so was talking together and not at one another, I concluded that I’d do it. I’d take the plunge.

And now I can’t wait to start it. Below is just a quick list of some of the items we can and cannot ingest. Some will not matter too much, some will, and others I haven’t even heard of until I read a comprehensive shopping list (Avocado butter? Sounds delicious!).

What We Can Eat

-Grass fed meats

-Pastured and organic eggs

-Fruits and vegetables

-Seeds and nuts

-Some cooking fats

What We Cannot Eat or Drink (or What I Will Internally Complain About But Never Say Anything)

-Most dairy including cheese



-Beer and Liquor

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