Let’s Be Cops Official Red Band Trailer

Quick: name me one movie that had absolutely zero actors/actresses you recognized that turned out to be hilarious, or just plain amazing.  Can you do it?  The first movie that popped into my head was a little film called Sex Drive, which featured all no-name (at the time, and I think still to this day) main characters, but did feature a Seth Green cameo at the end.  The movie itself was absolutely hilarious, and I remember seeing the trailer months beforehand thinking that it had potential.  While most of those types of movies don’t pan out, Let’s Be Cops, which is slated to hit theaters this summer on August 13th, looks like yet another rare diamond in the rough.  Check out the official red band trailer for Let’s Be Cops above, then hit the jump below for more slightly qualified thoughts!

Let’s Be Cops Red Band Trailer Thoughts

Am I right or am I right on this one?  It has promise, does it not?  Anyone see the split-second cameo appearance of Rob Riggle, the Marine-turned-Daily-Show-Comedian-extraordinaire?    While I may not see Let’s Be Cops in theaters – unless I can pull an epic sell-job on the wife – this one will definitely be on my Netflix/On Demand watch list when it comes out probably later this fall.  I’m looking forward to this one, and will post more trailers as they arrive – as always thanks for stopping by SQ, and leave us your thoughts below!

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