Blended Movie Trailer #2

Adam Sandler movies get a lot of flak, and in many cases, the poor reviews are well deserved.  Try and think back to the Happy Madison productions that you actually really enjoyed, and no, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer do not count.  For me there are a few, but they’re still heavily outnumbered by the garbage titles; The Benchwarmers and the Grown Ups films were all stellar, and who can forget arguably Sandler’s best film since the original golden three in Grandma’s Boy?  On that thought, if you were not a fan of Grandma’s Boy, it’s probably best if you just go ahead and click the red “x” in your browser right now, because SQ may not be the best website for you.  So fast forward to today, in which we have yet Sandler’s latest film, Blended, which brings back Drew Barrymore yet again after two previous co-starring roles; the trailer is above – check it out then hit the link below for our slightly qualified thoughts!

Blended Movie Trailer #2 Initial Thoughts

Set for release next month on May 23rd, 2014, Blended has the usual Sandler/family-friendly feel to it and will likely garner a PG or PG-13 rating.  The good thing about that is that it’s not a bad thing, as both The Benchwarmer’s and Grown Ups (1 +2) were both executed extremely well, as they were able to balance hilarious comedy with a family feel.  As far as the Blended trailer goes, I am still on the fence – at this point I don’t think I would catch it in theaters, but it is one that I would definitely check out on Netflix or On Demand when it becomes available.  As always though, we will be on the lookout for more trailers before Blended is released next month, so until then let us know what you think below in the comments!

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