How a Gamer Welcomes Santa Claus

Gamers are a creative demographic, and when you throw in the fact that many of their mother’s are world class quilters, you’ve got a recipe for nerdiness that would make even Santa Claus face-palm.  What would rank even higher on the nerdiness scale is if said gamer is also a world class quilter; or better yet, said gamer and said world class quilter is also a mother.  Oh snap!  Before I give this retro-ly (I’m making up words left and right today) awesome, funny gaming pic away, hit the link below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  You will not be disappointed.

How a Gamer Welcomes Santa Claus

Link Rug for Christmas -

I told you it was retro-ly awesome.  Who noticed the tri-force on the wall as well?  Subtle nerdity at its finest.  That’s three made up words today!


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