Funny Local News Blooper Video for April 2014

Well May has finally arrived, although some parts of the country it probably doesn’t feel quite as warm as it should.  Houston, thankfully, is not one of those areas – it’s already pretty darn hot.  But while you wait for warmer temps to finally set in as we get closer to summer, why not pass the time laughing hysterically at some of the funniest local news bloopers caught on video from April?  This news blooper montage video is pretty epic: it kicks off with a complete face palm moment from Fox News, and then will just keep you laughing all the way to the finish line.  Your Thursday afternoon just got that much better!

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How a Gamer Welcomes Santa Claus

Your Bed Is a Car -

Gamers are a creative demographic, and when you throw in the fact that many of their mother’s are world class quilters, you’ve got a recipe for nerdiness that would make even Santa Claus face-palm.  What would rank even higher on the nerdiness scale is if said gamer is also a world class quilter; or better yet, said gamer and said world class quilter is also a mother.  Oh snap!  Before I give this retro-ly (I’m making up words left and right today) awesome, funny gaming pic away, hit the link below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  You will not be disappointed.

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