Funny Local News Blooper Video for April 2014

Well May has finally arrived, although some parts of the country it probably doesn’t feel quite as warm as it should.  Houston, thankfully, is not one of those areas – it’s already pretty darn hot.  But while you wait for warmer temps to finally set in as we get closer to summer, why not pass the time laughing hysterically at some of the funniest local news bloopers caught on video from April?  This news blooper montage video is pretty epic: it kicks off with a complete face palm moment from Fox News, and then will just keep you laughing all the way to the finish line.  Your Thursday afternoon just got that much better!

Funny Local News Blooper Video for April 2014

So what was your favorite: the humping bunnies or the sobbing Miley Cyrus fans towards the end?  I thought the guy who decided it would be a great idea to pick up that ginormous chocolate Easter egg was the best, followed closely in second by the weather man who about had a stroke when the light bulb popped above him – his news anchor colleagues reactions made it even funnier!

If you’re craving more funny videos to keep your Thursday afternoon “work day” going even faster, look no further than our funny videos site tag – we are always throwing more into the collection, so it’s a great link to bookmark and save.  We have thousands of other tags that are loaded with slightly qualified content as well – just move your eyeballs about six inches to your right and you’ll find enough content to keep you going until next winter arrives (and by that time we will have added about 10 more years’ worth of even more content!)

I hope you enjoyed the stellar funny news blooper video – much more to come folks!

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