Hercules Official Movie Trailer

If you asked me before watching the Hercules trailer if I would pay money to watch Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock”, star in the new aforementioned movie that hits theaters this July 25th, I almost certainly would have told you no.  Well, I would have actually given you that weird, “was that a serious question”, raised eyebrow look before telling you no – that is the more honest response.  But you see, you didn’t ask me that question; I did however use that same pessimistic look as I fired up the Hercules trailer, but I have good news – this movie actually looks like it will be a winner.  Not Academy Award winner – but at the very least an “entertaining movie” winner as I watch it on Netflix or On Demand from the comfort of my kinda fake leather couch (okay it’s really fake).  Check out the official Hercules trailer above, then hit us up via the link below for our initial, slightly qualified thoughts!

Hercules Movie Trailer Initial Thoughts

So what did you think?  Like I said up above, I think this will be a solid action movie.  I have always liked The Rock in movies, but I assumed before launching the Hercules trailer that this would be more of a joke than an actual attempt at a cool action movie.  I know it’s only one trailer, but I came away impressed.  My real concern post-trailer however is did they limit the amount of CGI/special effects?  While I understand that giant freaking lion can only be created with computer graphics, I hope that they at least minimized the CGI, or at least did it well enough that the shoddiness of it doesn’t distract you from the movie itself.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Drop us a line below with your own thoughts on Hercules – if you’re qualified, of course.  The Rock and his new caveman-esque beard will debut in theaters this summer on July 25th, and we’ll be on the lookout for any more trailers and footage between now and then.  As always you can hit up our SQ movie trailers tag for all of our videos and initial thoughts – and we’re always adding more!

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