Godzilla: Fingers Crossed

The good news: Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe. No P Diddy.

The bad news: We’ve been let down before.

What we expect: two hours of action packed destruction that leads with some familial separation and lack of suitable one-liners. Good guys win. It could turn out that Godzilla is the good guy.

What we hope: Bryan Cranston verbally eviscerates foolish humans for their lack of foresight and problem solving abilities. Ken Watanabe a la Inception plays minds games with the audience and/or fellow characters and in doing so provides an aura of mystique and transcendence.

Food we will eat: Buttered popcorn x2.

Soda we will drink: Sprite x1. Maybe Coke if I’m feeling coke-y.

Where we will sit in our seats: Middle t0 edge depending on how well Director Gareth Edwards pulls this off.

Where we will sit in the theater: Middle. No aisle escapes should be needed.

Depending on the couple, this may be a date night. A date night to have a drink or four before as well.

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