Warlords of Draenor: The Upcoming World of Warcraft XPac

Sometime in the fall 0f 2014, World of Warcraft players and aficionados get to explore new territories, rewrite history, and smack the hell out of each other all over again.

Warlords of Draenor sees players revisiting the Dark Portal and heading into what used to be called Outland. Or as I think the less lore-ridden people noticed it: space. Okay, Nagrand looked like Super Mario Bros. level 1-3 on steroids, Netherstorm was clearly the moon. Don’t agree? Leave it in the comments so I know who you are.

This xpac features new content with a pre-order bonus of a free level 90 character boost. Not sure if it’s worth the pre-order, but if you’re going to play it, might as well take the free stuff along the way.

Here is a brief list, but if you want a more extensive array, try this.

-Level cap 100

-Replacing hit/exp/dodge/parry with new ‘fun’ stat (this should be interesting!)

-New abilities

-New PvP zone

-New questing UI

Lots more than just this, but now you got the skinny. Look for more info to come soon!

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