Fry from Futurama on Extra Lives

Oh this one takes me back.  Although my internal clock will turn 30 years of age in just a couple short weeks, I am still proud enough to admit (on the Internet OR in real life) that video games are still a passion of mine.  While I do not have as much free time to crank through game after game on a Saturday, I do get in as much game time as I can.  So what does this have to do with the hilarious Fry from Futurama?  Well, you see, we have a thing for Photochops and memes around these parts; for those of you lucky enough to have experienced our former website, you probably saw some of our best work.  While the image below isn’t our creation, it’s a high quality gaming meme that all of our retro gaming readers will surely appreciate.  It brought me back to the NES days, although I am still trying to remember which games I experienced this in.  Hit the link to reminisce with us!

Gaming Meme: Fry from Futurama on Extra Lives

Fry Can't Tell How Many Lives He Has -

You know you laughed out loud after you read it; I know I did.  But like I said earlier, I can’t remember which games specifically utilized this.  I don’t think the old school Mario games did, but I know there were a ton.  Contra?  I have to do some research.

Enjoy the gaming meme, and leave your thoughts below!  MTF as always!


Kudos to Deviant Artist leechihan for the stellar Frye b/w sketch; original image can be found here.

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