There are fail videos, and then there are freaking fail videos; this is one of those epic videos that fall into the latter, simply epic category for one reason, and one reason alone: a deer.  I’m not going to say when it happens, because the entire video is awesome, but when you see it – haha – you will crap your khakis.  More after the jump!

Ultimate Longboard Fails Compilation Video

Was that not the coolest fail video you’ve seen in months?  It’s always entertaining watching people fall on skateboards and whatnot, especially when they’re stupid enough not to wear helmets (how about that 10 year old kid decked out in every kind of safety pad, only to fall and faceplant on his unprotected face?).  But when you throw live, wild animals into the high speed mix on the down-slope of a paved mountain road?  Now we are getting into epic video territory!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched this video twice, and that “when animals attack” scene – at least ten times.  Video of the Year nominee right here, folks, right behind or neck and neck with the epic Michigan party video with the kid who was still passed out on the floor the next day when the reporters were shooting.

Gosh I love the Internet.

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