Can you believe Parks and Recreation is down to its final freaking season?  WTF?  While Parks never was as funny as say The Office was at its peak, Ron Swanson, Aziz Ansari and co have really grown on me.  Chris Pratt was always hilarious, and now that he’s pretty much reached mega stardom thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, the final season of Parks and Recreation will surely be off the charts rating wise, which brings me to the question, if ratings do skyrocket, do you think this really be the final season?  Don’t you just love run-on sentences?  It feels good to throw those out there every once in a while.  You know what also feels good?  Watching the hilarious Parks and Rec blooper montage video above!  It will be the second-best ten minutes you’ll spend today; what’s the first, you ask?  The ten minutes after the video you spend getting lost here at SQ!

Parks and Recreation Season 6 Bloopers Video

You know, it’s really hard to pick a favorite character on Parks and Rec: during the first couple seasons I would have picked Aziz without question, just because the guy’s stand-up is hilarious, but now I’m not so sure.  Ron Swanson is definitely up there, but the rest of the cast is neck and neck as well.  That being said, I will say that the show has never had a clear cut star like a Steve Carell, and I think that’s been both good and bad for the show. Regardless, this last season is setting up to be pretty legendary, and it will be tough to see the show go!

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