MiG-21 Fighter Jet Crashes Into Libyan City of Tobruk Video

Sometimes it just makes you wonder if the entire planet has gone to war, doesn’t it?  Between ISIS trying to create its own state (good luck with that, btw), Syria gassing its own people, Israel and Palestine – well, nothing new there, sadly – Putin subtlety claiming Ukraine, and Libya being Libya, even without Mr. Gaddafi, is there anywhere on the other side of the planet that isn’t at war?  It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?  Want to see something even more crazy?  Check out the video above, which isn’t for the weakest of stomachs, as a MiG-21 fighter jet just crashed into Tobruk city block in Libya.

MiG-21 Fighter Jet Crashes Into Libyan City of Tobruk Video

I think the first thing that comes to mind when watching this MiG-21 fighter jet crash video is that it does not appear that this jet was shot down, but rather went down for some other reason, ie mechanical failure or pilot error.  While I am unable to translate what the guys on the roof were saying – feel free to chime in below in the comments section – the jet showed no signs, at least from what I could tell, as it tragically went down into the city of Tobruk.  Pretty sad stuff.

The second thing that comes to mind is the aspect of getting shot down, or simply air defense systems.  As an American Marine, I’m not so sure many Americans understand that our own jets, whether they come with Air Force, Marine or Navy insignia on the side, are not immune to the traditional air defense systems.  My best case in point would be the most recent change of events involving Syria in which President Obama is being pressured into bombing ISIS targets there; do you know why he hasn’t sent American bombers and jets across the Syrian border yet?  I guarantee it’s because his generals are advising him that the chance for a loss of life will skyrocket because of the air defense systems on the ground.  We may have much better odds at survival and evasion, but we are by no means immune.

Our thoughts go out to the victim and family in this video.

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