Before you watch this absolutely ridiculous extreme mountain biking video at a Dakine event, I would take a few deep breaths to prepare your lungs and stretch their capacity because you will guaranteed be holding it until this insane GoPro video is over.  I swear I thought this guy was dead at least 100 times, so he must have known the course like his parent’s driveway, but seriously – this movie is insane.  Many Internet videos claim to be “extreme videos”, but this one is no-kidding freaking extreme – some people are certifiably insane, but when they somehow manage to survive, it makes for awesome video footage that we all get to enjoy – if you call holding your breath for 3 minutes enjoyment – from the comfort of our fancy desk chairs.  Just insane.

Crazy Dakine Extreme Mountain Biker GoPro Video

Does anyone know where this video was taken?  It appears that the Dakine event was held somewhere out west, or down in the southwest (doing some terrain analysis), but for all I know it could be anywhere west of the Mississippi.  I still can’t believe this video, and that the dude actually went through the whole course unscathed.  Oh, and how about the huge drop about midway through the course when he kept saying he didn’t like the high winds?  If I was lucky enough to somehow still be alive at that part of the course, I don’t care if their is zero wind – I’m thanking my favorite deity and slowly crawling down that ginormous rock edifice and buying a lottery ticket.

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