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In 2009, Somali Pirates did something that hasn’t been accomplished in two hundred years: they captured and hijacked an American cargo ship in International waters.  Based on this true story, Captain Phillips stars Tom Hanks in what looks to be a really bad ass movie, even if we all know what the outcome was (Navy SEALs 1, Somali Pirates 0).  The film, which is directed by Oscar-nominee Paul Greengrass, is based on the real Captain Phillips’ book on the pirate experience, A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates.  The film hits theaters this fall on October 11th, and if I don’t get a chance to catch this one in theaters, I will definitely be looking for it on Red Box or On Demand.

Captain Phillips Movie Trailer

What are your thoughts on the trailer?  Did you read the book, or are you planning on reading it?  Did you know many Navy SEALs go through the Marine Corps’ Scout Sniper Basic Course?  Captain Phillips looks like it will really incorporate the military response, which is sure to sell tickets (at least for this guy!).

Check out the official Captain Phillips website here!  More great movie trailers to follow!

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