In just 15 short days, Arrested Development will be back on the airwaves courtesy of the fine folks over at Netflix digital; if you haven’t signed up for Netflix yet, you’re wrong; it only costs like $9 per month.  On top of that, you can easily Google for a free trial and simply start it up on May 26th; that should get you at least a few episodes for free if you’re that cheap.  So in honor of this rapidly approaching, monumental date in TV history, I present to you the unofficial 200 greatest quotes video from Arrested Development.  This will be the best ten minutes you spend all day, that is, unless you decide you want to hang out around SQ longer; then your day will be even sweeter.

Arrested Development Video: 200 Greatest Quotes

Tobias Funke is easily my favorite character, but one of the great reasons behind this show is that almost every single character is strong; you just don’t see that in today’s comedies.  What’s your favorite Arrested Development quote from this hysterical video?  Did this YouTuber leave your favorite quote out?  Leave it in the comments, and as always, more Arrested Development videos to come!

Check out the first clip from Arrested Development Season 4 right here!


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