Is it May 26th yet?  If you’ve never seen the epic television series that is Arrested Development, then you have approximately 27.5 days to catch up.  Oh, you’re going to need $8 bucks for a digital subscription to Netflix, because the long-awaited fourth season won’t be airing anywhere else.  Embedded above you’ll find a clip that was originally released only to the media back in January, but now stands as the first official new Bluth family footage since the end of season three.  Enjoy the exclusive outtake, and hit the link below for more AR memories.

Arrested Development: First Clip from Season 4

It’s hard to pick a favorite character, but Buster would have to land somewhere in my top three.  David Cross is probably winner numero uno, with Will Arnett rounding out the last spot.

Favorite Episode: When Julia Louis-Dreyfus made an extended cameo as a blind lawyer, and David Cross attempts to break into her house while she’s inside thinking that she won’t be able to see him.


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