Want a One-Way Ticket to Mars?

If you thought an eight hour flight in coach was bad, try a 7 month trip in “space coach” to Mars where you get to land on a poisonous desert; that is, if you land at all.  Oh, and did I mention this would be a one-way trip?  Yeah, better bring that deck of cards and whatever else will keep you from going insane for the rest of your lifetime.  If you haven’t heard yet, a new “are they for real?”, Dutch company that goes by the name “Mars One” has begun accepting applications for just that, a one-way trip to Mars in the name of exploration.  Should you be the lucky winner, your flight will depart just short of ten years from now in 2022, but with the way this sequestration is shaping up, you may want to leave for the spaceport now, because you know how TSA can be.  Joke of the year?  Yup.  Hit the link below for more details; Dutch fluency not required.

Mars One: “Yes, we are seriously going to Mars.”

Don’t believe it?  This ain’t an article from The Onion; you can check out Mars One’s official introduction film here, and decide for yourself.  I think the coolest idea they have is that they intend to make the entire process, from production and planning, through the actual launches, landings, and for years after humans begin to settle mars into a no kidding, reality television show that will air around the clock.  If you think about it, this is a show that the entire globe will be watching; can you imagine the ad/commercial prices for the first actual launch, and when the first crew of four lands on Mars?  It will probably be a current Super Bowl commercial times a metric truckload of cash; I don’t think calculators go that high; at least the one in my head doesn’t.  It’s pretty ingenious  and all jokes aside, I am actually all for this.  Space tourism has just started to take off (no pun intended, honestly), but this will legitimately blow that market up exponentially should Mars One get enough funding, and actually pull this thing off.

It’s a pretty incredible idea, and I think human exploration to Mars will provide inspiration for another hundred years plus.  This story is growing at a cyclic rate; CNN has put together a stellar, comprehensive report on all of the Mars One Developments, which you can find right here.

Check out the official Mars One website right here, and if you apply, let us know below!  It’s only $38!  Think of the money you’ll save on rent!

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