15 Funny, Awkward and Crazy Prom Pictures

With May arriving this week, Prom season has officially arrived.  Just yesterday I stopped in at a Jos A Bank to rent a suit for a wedding that I’m in – two great friends from high school, nevertheless – towards the end of May.  In order to give me a discount, the store manager listed my suit rental as a “prom special”, so now when I head back up to Chicago to pick up my suit, I am going to likely receive some very weird looks from the store employees – yes, I’m 30 years old, maybe I’ll just screw with them and tell them I’m a chaperone?  Anyways, today is Monday, and since Mondays generally suck – thank you Bill Lumbergh – why not do what SQ does best: lighten the mood with 15 of the funniest, craziest and most awkward prom pictures that have ever graced the Internet?  We thought you’d enjoy them, so hit the link below for all the funny prom pics!

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Who Remembers the Nintendo Power Mullet Kid?

N64 Kid Picture - SlightlyQualified.com

So who remembers the mullet kid from Nintendo Power?  Okay, hold on; maybe I should take a step back here.  Who remembers Nintendo Power?  Anyone?  Bueller?  If you’re too young to remember the awesomeness that was Nintendo’s “Nintendo Power” magazine, then I’m sorry because you honestly missed out.  This was long before the days where you had awesome websites like SQ around; we kids had to wait four weeks in between issues, and let me tell you, when you’re trying to beat Battletoads, those maps that magazine had were priceless.  I remember my original Nintendo Power subscription came with a free game; I got to choose one of three games, and though I can’t remember the other two, I ended up picking Dragon Warrior.  Awesome game aside, do you want to know what else I remember from that first subscription to Nintendo Power?  That mullet kid who had the coolest room in the world.  And a turtleneck t-shirt.  Hit the link below for pure nostalgia, and/or laughter regardless of what age you are.

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