RoboCop Movie Trailer

Raise your hand if you were around in 1987; most of you I am guessing weren’t.  I was, but I was only four years old, so the original RoboCop movie didn’t grace my eyes until the early to mid nineties when I witnessed the Paul Verhoeven film for the first time.  To call the series “successful” really depends on how you define the word: in the box office, RoboCop destroyed its competition, spawning two sequels that ended up in most folks’ VHS collections (or “LaserDisc”!).  Although some publications rate the original RoboCop as one of the greatest action films of all time, I have always thought it was pretty lame.  So here we go yet again, with the official trailer for RoboCop (otherwise known as RoboCop 4 in my opinion), starring Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, and Gary Oldman; enjoy the footage, and hit the link below for my trailer reaction below.

RoboCop Movie Trailer: Initial Reaction

Now that is a lot of star power, and to be completely honest, the trailer actually wasn’t all that bad.  For a franchise that has emphasized the adjective “cheesy” with its first three installments, this latest rendition does appear to be a little more on the dark, serious side, which would be a nice change.  Due out as of now in “2014” – expect a finalized date by the winter holidays -, I still don’t envision myself paying movie theater prices to see this remake.  As of now I’ll wait for Netflix, unless the next few trailers really impress me.

Too harsh?  Where are my RoboCop fans out there?

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