LFGdating’s AMA on Reddit

LFGdating.com’s AMA on Reddit was a huge success! Some people got right down to business, while others shared some interesting tidbits! LFGdating’s gamer dating blog¬†posted a brief snapshot of the comments.

If you want to check out the whole AMA, please read through the comments and write one of your own! Even though it started a few days ago, it will be commented on regularly.

Upcoming AMA’s on Reddit include:

The staff of Breaking Bad at 6pm on Tuesday, June 4th.

Ethan Hawke, actor, writer and director of The Purge, at 10:45am on Wednesday, June 5th.

Joe Muto, the Fox News “Mole”, at 4pm on Friday, June 7th.

LFGdating AMA on SQ



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