Game of Game of Thrones SNL Video

SNL has been down for years now, so it is truly rare to get a quality episode these days.  Those great or even simply good episodes are always centered around a dynamic celebrity host, as the current cast simply lacks true star, comedic power.  It seems that as soon as a comedian on the cast emerges, they leave for bigger and better TV deals and/or movies, but who can blame them?  Zach Galifianakis, the driving star behind the stellar “Hangover” films, took the SNL helm as host this past Saturday night, and he did not disappoint.  Arguably the best skit of the show came as Zach appeared as a contestant on the game show, “Game of Game of Thrones”, with Bill Hader starring as the host.  Although it’s no “Celebrity Jeopardy” with Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond, it had that same feel to it – as well as the laughs.

Game of Game of Thrones SNL Video

Could you imagine if the comedic all stars took their roots back to SNL for a few seasons, a la what they’ve done with the FunnyorDie website?  I doubt NBC could afford all of those salaries, but it would easily rank as the most watched show on television.  Who has been the best SNL host during the last few years?  Justin Timberlake has had some great showings; who do you remember?

You can catch Zach Galifianakis in three weeks with the release of “The Hangover 3”; click here for the full trailer!

More great SNL videos to follow!  You can check out NBC’s official SNL website right here!

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