Deconstructed Game Controllers

Now this is pretty neat.  While many of us have likely already peered inside some of our favorite game controllers growing up, it probably wasn’t due to taking them carefully apart with a screwdriver – so what if we’ve all smashed a few in a fit of rage?  That’s totally normal, plus you couldn’t save in pretty much any video game back in the 80’s, so what else were we supposed to do?  I digress.  Hit the link below for all the deconstruction photos, and see if you can correctly identify which system each controller belongs to; if you can’t, you were likely born in the 90’s.  Oh, and I’ll help all you young bloods out a little by putting them in chronological order, with the oldest ones first.  And GO!

Deconstructed Game Controllers









Alright: who got them all right?

Atari, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, Dreamcast, PS2/3, Xbox.

Awesome images thanks to jfab over at imgur (well, he/she at least posted these; credits go to the creator).


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