BaneCat Has Arrived – Must See Video

So I’m not going to lie – I’m not a huge fan of cats.  I have always loved dogs, and while I don’t hate cats – I don’t really mind them. What is weird however is how the freaks on both sides of the house animal pet wars tend to get a little weird when it comes to social media, whether they create a “hilarious” Facebook page for their pug, or blog about what their cat did in the living room after dinner. There are always some exceptions however, like Grumpy Cat, and Beethoven – the ginormous, crime stopping dog, not the musician, but that’s about it, and I mean throughout the entire history of cats and dogs (Benji just missed the cut, sorry pooch).  There is however a newcomer to the list, and his name is BaneCat.  Folks, this is a must-see cat video, which is something you will probably never ever ever see me write on SQ ever again.  Ever.

BaneCat Has Arrived – Must See Video! 

Was that not awesome?  Credits on the BaneCat video triumph goes to Rob’s Rants, who I’m sure is going to spin this video into a series and milk it for all that it’s got.

Stay tuned for more hilarious funny videos, and who knows, maybe even another cat video.  Okay, that probably won’t happen, but stay tuned!

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