Date Night: The Great Gatsby

Every now and then a movie comes along that we feel compelled to see. Not because we need to fill that gaping whole in our hearts (we have scotch and steak for that), but because we need to stay culturally relevant in discussions. Imagine subbing yourself out of a conversation with the belle of the ball or the handsome gentlemen, “Oh no, I didn’t see that…” And then the awkward icy air wafts up and slaps you in the face only the way Harvey Keitel in a suit could. Continue reading “Date Night: The Great Gatsby”

The Last Ringbearer: An Alternate History of Awesomeness

So you know when you watch the Lord of the Rings, any of them, and you see Gandalf, and you think, now there’s a good guy. Well, this story doesn’t go that way. At all. In fact, Gandalf is a manipulative, conniving bastard who would rather spin progress back a thousand years than foster scientific progress. In fact, he’s against Mordor because the Mordorians (that’s a real word!) are on the brink of an industrial revolution, and that bodes poorly for a civilization hell-bent on living like Shyamalan’s ┬ávillage people.

Continue reading “The Last Ringbearer: An Alternate History of Awesomeness”