Tennis: the game that’s actually fun to play, but no one knows how to keep score.  Love-to-love?  What?  Oh, and then there’s the grunting – if you close your eyes in the grandstands you’d swear you were at an outdoor version of Gold’s Gym, except in this case these tennis players with lopsided arm sizes only apparently do curls with their serving arms, and those grunts aren’t coming from doing dead lifts.  To make the sport even weirder, ball girls and boys are included in on the fun, as they are expected to sprint on a moment’s notice like Usain Bolt to clear the court from any stranded tennis balls – or in this case, giant alien bugs.

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I’m not going to beat around the notional bush here: I like soccer, and I would love to attend an actual football game with 100,000+ other screaming, drunk fans at some point in my life across the pond, but I don’t follow the European leagues or the MLS here in the States.  Don’t get me wrong: soccer is an awesome game, and I even played it basically all throughout high school, but basketball is my favorite sport.  That being said, if I were a SportsCenter news anchor, I would have at least made sure I knew what the heck I was about to be talking about on national television, something this fail-worthy anchor completely, well, failed to do.

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Think this dude was in hot water after this one made SportsCenter?  Watch this dude jump out of the way when a home run was incoming at his seats, only to let his girlfriend catch the home run ball with her face.  If this was their first date, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there won’t be a second.  If they’re married, divorce papers may or may not be written up already, or at least in the works.   [Click here to read on!]