Super Bad Mario Video0

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When I first came across this video, I thought the talented creator Pastek was going to go the Superbad movie route based on the name.  While I was wrong on the video direction – this awesome funny retro Mario video is actually about Mario instigating some hilarious fails – the video is still excellent, and still a must see for your Thursday morning.  While you may have seen some of the original fail footage in this film, it doesn’t matter – this video will have you laughing continuously!

Super Bad Mario Video

From Mario 3 to Mario Kart, Super Bad Mario comes in all forms in this awesome fail video that totally makes me want to pull out my SNES and fire up some Super Mario World.  You know what this video really reminded me of?  A post we made long, long ago called 16-bit Characters in Real Life Photos.  While those are still awesome to look at, it’s even cooler to see 16-bit characters embedded beautifully into funny videos.  Translation to Pastek and all the other talented videographers out there: keep doing what you’re doing!

Stellar retro gaming / fail video!  Enjoy your Thursday folks, and thanks for stopping by SQ!

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