Delivery companies like UPS and FedEx take pride in their clean, always pressed uniforms and timely delivery, and unlike the failing US Postal Service, they almost always live up to their high expectations.  Every once in a while however, the standard slips a bit and a FedEx driver does something that probably resulted in him losing his job.  Thankfully, it appeared that no one was hurt in this hilarious security cam video – I will leave the details at that, as I don’t want to spoil this one.  Enjoy this great video – more slightly qualified thoughts after the link!

Hilarious FedEx Driver Caught on Camera

You think the dogs enjoyed watching the FedEx driver try and chase down his own truck?  How in the world could you forget to put the truck in park?  In my opinion – and this is simply a slightly qualified guess considering the truck is initially off-screen – the guy was likely in so much of a rush to stay on-time that he simply overlooked that critical mistake.  Oops!  At least it made the dog’s, and our’s day!

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