I have watched a lot of Family Feud over the course of my 31 years – I still think it is one of the better game shows out there – but I have never seen an epic fail like this one.  While you may have a good idea on what happens here, I guarantee you will still be surprised at the very end – I would explain what I am getting at, but then I would just be giving it away, wouldn’t I?  Don’t miss this absolutely epic Family Feud fail video!

Epic Family Feud Fast Money Fail Video

Well, that must have been one awkward ride home in the Sass family van, wouldn’t you say?  I think we’ve all seen enough of these crazy Family Feud Fast Money – that’s the name for the final round on the game show – fail videos to guess that the Sass family wasn’t going to get 200 points, but to watch the dad score 182 only to see his daughter throw up goose egg after goose egg was just hilarious.  How did the cameraman keep his composure when he kept zooming in on the Sass family members?  Their looks on their faces were absolutely priceless, and I honestly could not stop laughing.  Seriously, how do you not get at least 1 freaking point?  Has anyone in the long history of Family Feud ever tossed up a goose egg in Fast Money?  Just wow.

It’s only a hunch, but my guess when the Sass family returned for the next episode they didn’t choose the daughter for Fast Money – that is if they even won the show’s main portion by beating the other family.  When Steve Harvey is at a loss for words, you know it’s bad!

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