Epic Family Feud Fast Money Fail Video

I have watched a lot of Family Feud over the course of my 31 years – I still think it is one of the better game shows out there – but I have never seen an epic fail like this one.  While you may have a good idea on what happens here, I guarantee you will still be surprised at the very end – I would explain what I am getting at, but then I would just be giving it away, wouldn’t I?  Don’t miss this absolutely epic Family Feud fail video!

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Family Feud Fails: The Worst Answers in Show History

Family Feud > The Price is Right.  Family Feud > Any other game show, with the exception of Video Power, combined.  If you don’t remember Video Power, then you’re not old enough to fancy this website.  From Pat Sajak to Steve Harvey, and even Louis Anderson in between, enjoy this absolutely stellar fail compilation video from some epic episodes of the greatest game show ever created, Family Feud.  Survey Says?

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