I don’t own a GoPro camera, but I do like watching GoPro videos!  In all seriousness, I don’t really have the traditional “extreme” need for one, and they just really started coming out when I was getting out of the Marine Corps – plus I never would have put one on my Kevlar (helmet to you civilians out there in SQ Nation), or even my chest rig.  Regardless, the HD video footage really is awesome as you can tell from these kids who decide to plant their GoPro camera in between some local train tracks.  What did they capture?  Just a screaming freight train clocking in at over 75MPH.

 Awesome GoPro Video Under 75MPH Train

So outside of just the insane speed and power that the freight train brings in this cool video, what else did ya’ll notice?  Did you see the railroad track base boards flexing while the train barreled over the tracks?  I’m not a physics professor, but I would go out on a limb and say that it’s normal; I would even guess that’s why wood is used so that it can flex.  If I’m way off with this assumption, I’m sure those of you in the know – or those simply proactive enough to do two minutes of Google research – will let me know in the comments below, because quite frankly that’s what Internet comments are made for, right?  Right!

As always there is much more update goodness to come here at SQ, so stay tuned for more!  In the meantime don’t forget to hit up our ginormous tag cloud on the right hand side of SQ – if you’re looking to burn a few day’s worth with high quality Internet surfing, than look no further than SQ!  Happy Hump Day folks!

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