Kid Avoids Banana Peels, Drives Grandma to Safety

Grandma Driving -

Yes, I said banana peels.  Just over three weeks ago, a 10-year old gamer from Colorado was riding with this grandmother when she unexpectedly experienced a heart attack behind the wheel.  With his 4-year old little brother in the back seat of Grandma’s Buick sedan, Gryffin Sanders grabbed the steering wheel and calmly steered the speeding vehicle off the highway and into safety.  What does he credit for his successful driving skills?  Mario Kart.  Chalk one up for the “I told you video games are useful!” crowd.  Full awesome story below.

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The Ben Show: Gangsta Granny Auditions Video

I have never seen The Ben Show before on Comedy Central, but this video has got me intrigued to try and catch the next episode.  This may very well be fake or staged, but I guarandamntee you the grandma at about the 59 second mark will make you pee your pants.  Well maybe not that extreme, but she will make you laugh.  Enjoy the Gangsta Granny Auditions; I’m off to find more clips from The Ben Show!

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