Most Popular Drunk Foods Around the World

Drunk food, at least at the moment when you and your friends stumble out of the eighth and final bar of the night, tastes like the best meal you’ve ever had in your life.  When you go there two days later for lunch however – and you’re dead sober – you can’t believe you actually ate that junk as you spit it out and apologize to your coworkers.  While I am American, I am only familiar with the usual choices we have after last call, like giant burritos, pizza, taco stands, and heck even late night bagels (thanks SIU!).  That’s what makes the above Buzzfeed video so cool: it only shows you what the most popular drunk food dish is in each major country.  Almost all of them I want to eat right now, but a few (looking at my hoser friends to the north in Canada) I would probably pass on.  Enjoy the video, and as always more comments after the jump!

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The Futility of Existence Video

You’ve probably been where this guy is at: you’ve been day-drinking, you’re hammered drunk, and you’re just trying to walk home from the bar so you can take a power nap before you head back out later on that night.  Where this guy went wrong however is that he decided to test out a shortcut, only to find a giant steel fence that blocked his drunken path.  While I just made most of that up, this is an absolute awesome funny video, and it’s actually appropriately named – “The Futility of Existence“.  If this wasn’t staged, then the camera man/woman just happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch this drunk, fat guy fail consistently at every idea he has to try and scale or squeeze through the fence.  Bottom line: make sure you watch this all the way through as the end is stellar!

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Dude Gets Punched by Street Performer

This is one of those videos that you just can’t watch once; you have to watch it least one more time to see it again.  And maybe a third just because.  If this fight video doesn’t remind you of Eurotrip, then you probably haven’t seen that classic movie.  And if that’s the truth, then you’re wrong.  Watch this video, then go watch Eurotrip.  You can thank me later (or now in the comments).