Wolfenstein: The New Order Delayed to 2014

Wolfenstein and Mr Hitler - SlightlyQualified.com

Wolfenstein.  If you’re not old enough to remember Adolf Hitler with chain guns for hands, then you really missed out.  Well, if that’s the case, you missed out on a slew of awesome gaming experiences from the 80’s.  But before I get all retro on the fifty of you or so that actually read SQ on a daily basis, let’s comment on some gaming news, shall we?  The New Order, the latest “Wolfenstein” installment from Bethesda Softworks was originally slated for a holiday 2013 release, but apparently it needs polish.  So much polish that the development crew slid it all the way to “sometime in 2014”.  Although that doesn’t sound promising, the game is not dead in the water yet.  Caress that link below for a link to the news release, and of course, our Pulitzer-esque commentary.

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