From Durango to Infinity: Xbox’s, Not Cars

Well round and round we go, folks.  According to a source across the pond at The International Business Times, the next Xbox will be called Xbox Infinity.  We here at SQ had been tracking the next Xbox under its codename, Durango; the mathematical multiple name “Xbox 720” had also been thrown around since the 360 came out, but it appears that Infinity is the final name.  We are still holding strong with our earlier report that May 21st will be Xbox Reveal day, which excitingly is only 9 days away. Hit the link below for more on this developing rumor mill, I mean story.

Next Xbox Reportedly Dubbed Xbox Infinity

What would really be funny is for Microsoft to not only unveil the next Xbox under a completely different name that no one is tracking, but also to have it associated with some other car company; maybe the Xbox Benz?  Or how about the Xbox F150?  This super-secret Microsoft source across the pond has also noted in the IBT report that developers already have Infinity development kits, although that isn’t too much of a shock considering the console is slated for public release this November.

With E3 2013 just around the bend, and with the two major consoles set to be unveiled, this is sure to be yet another exciting console war.  Leave your thoughts on Xbox Infinity below, and let us know what other breaking news we’re missing!

More Infinity news to follow; May 21st will be a very cool day!

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