First Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Footage Arrives

Addiction is a strong word, but when we’re talking about Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls, addiction may not be a strong enough word to describe how much I enjoy these games.  Above all else, the insane challenge and actual feeling of achievement with this series makes these games amazing.  When I sit down to play Demon’s Souls, I honestly feel like I’m playing an old school NES game with no save capability, except I’m seeing Playstation 3 graphics and not 8-bit pixels and sprites.  I could go on for pages, but let me just state that if you haven’t picked up Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls, you’re wrong.  Go fix yourself.  Enjoy the salivating footage, and hit the link below for more details/comments.

No, I don’t have a release date for Dark Souls 2 yet, but no one does except for the project manager who’s in charge of development.  And I’d bet even in his head that date is going to move left and right; eventually though it will get released, and it will surely receive high marks and lots of smiles from gamers everywhere.

Game sequels, much like movie sequels, traditionally tend to be letdowns.  There are of course a few exceptions, and while technically Dark Souls was Demon’s Souls sequel, let’s rephrase that sentence and say follow-on games in a series have a tendency to be letdowns.  Dark Souls 2 is one of those games where I am confident we will be getting what we expect.  The gameplay footage above was great simply for the fact that the studio director’s commentary; it was really reassuring to hear from the director himself that they understand what made the previous two titles successful, and that they aren’t trying to change anything that isn’t broken.  You don’t hear that too often these days, especially with all of the Xbox hoopla about being always-online; imagine that, a game development company that actually listens to its customers?

Drop your DS2 thoughts below!  This guy can’t wait for this game to show up in my Playstation 3; MTF as always.

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