Edge of Tomorrow Trailer

Tom Cruise is racking up quite a sci fi portfolio: Oblivion, Minority Report, Vanilla Sky…Top Gun. What’s that? Top Gun isn’t sci fi? You saw how he looked shirtless. Out of this world…

One month from today, Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters. While I’m not sure if I’m sold on Emily Blunt as an action star (thinking of The Five Year Engagement and day-old donuts), she at least doesn’t smile all that much in the trailer, and that builds a sense of actual suspense. Like our other 2014 movie trailers – we’re hoping for the best and expecting for the worst. Or pretty close to it.What we want: actual combat. Like hit’ em up, blow ’em up, nuke ’em in the face.

What we expect: two, maybe three actual wow moments.

Who we want to see: Jeremy Piven (as Ari Gold)


Who we are ok with dying early: Bill Paxton

What we will wear to the theater: cut-off jean shorts and dog tags

At what point we will check our email: thirty minutes in

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