Mud Movie Trailer0

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Mud stars Reese Witherspoon, and lead actor Matthew McConaughey as they both attempt to escape a Mississippi island as they are hunted by bounty hunters and state police.  Reese Witherspoon may look like her recent mugshot (too soon?), however this movie looks like it will be a great one.  The trailer above starts off a little slow, but to quote the infamous Ron Burgandy, “that escalated quickly!”  Mud hits theaters tomorrow, and this one has intrigued me just enough where I am going to try and convince the lady that we should be there. And for all zero of our lady readers out there, yes, Mr. McConaughey does take his shirt off in this trailer.  Calm down.

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Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown0

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I know, this is not a new video, but it is an Interweb classic; Plus I just watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night, so deal with it.  With over 15 million views on YouTube, the Kristen Bell sloth meltdown from her appearance on The Ellen Show back in January just doesn’t get old.

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Netflix Gets April Fools High Five0

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I swear, publishers on the Internet (not us) plan out their next April Fool’s fake content and parodies a year in advance, because they’re getting more and more elaborate.  I am pretty sick of it all, and I’m at the point of annoyance when I check out my usual daily visits because now I’m wondering if it’s a joke or not.  Just about every site is doing it, but kudos to Netflix for actually making me smile instead of frown.  Have you logged into your Netflix account today?  I just got home from my 9-5, and found a pretty cool Easter egg after a buddy at work told me about it.  Hit the link below for the details, or just fire up your Netflix account if you want to jump straight to the spoilers.

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