Can you believe that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the air now for nearly 9 years?  I can’t even think of one good show FX aired before Always Sunny debuted, but now they have a metric crap ton of high quality shows, from The Americans to everyone’s favorite, sarcastic spy Archer.  I do vividly remember however seeing the very first trailer for Always Sunny though – well before the show actually launched – and it was just one of those moments where you somehow know – for a damn fact – that whatever it was you just witnessed, be it a show or movie, is going to be legendary.  Kinda like when we all saw the first trailer for the movie Taken.  Yeah. So since it’s Monday, and I just came across this stellar Always Sunny montage trailer, I felt what better way to keep the nostalgia train rolling!

It’s Still Always Sunny in Philadelphia Montage Trailer

Already rocking its 9th season in Paddy’s Pub, The Gang just recently was renewed by FX for a 10th and 11th season, which will each feature an awesome 10 episodes.  Don’t get me wrong: Charlie Day’s commencement speech video was excellent, but nothing will top his character in Always Sunny.  That being said, can you name a legitimately funnier show on television right now?  I think there’s an argument that the show has weakened over the years, but that’s pretty normal if not expected.  I’m interested to hear what SQ Nation thinks – drop us a line below and we’ll keep the debate rolling!

Standby for more epic Always Sunny videos!  In the meantime, just mosey on over to that ginormous tag cloud to your right for even more slightly qualified entertainment!

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