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What are up to this Friday night?  If you’re looking for something different, then head on over to your local theater to catch the brand new Vinny Chase – I mean Adrian Grenier – film, Goodbye World.  Although I will likely forever associate Mr. Grenier as the Entourage movie star, his latest movie that’s due out this Friday has some real potential: set in present day, America is hit by a disastrous computer virus called, coincidentally, “Goodbye World”.  With utilities, airports, and just about everything imaginable shut down, Vinny and his close friends fall back on their post-apocalyptic survival skills and go off-grid somewhere in Northern California.  Everything seems like a cool camping trick until local militias start forming, which is where it appears this plot is going. Check out the trailer, and hit the link below for more slightly qualified movie trailer discussion!

Goodbye World Movie Trailer

So what did you think?  In my opinion, once they showed the local militia trying to seize power of their Northern California vacation home, this film lost a little of its luster, but overall I would still possibly watch this one in the theaters; at the very least this is a sure-fire Netflix watch or On Demand rental, unless the reviews just absolutely hit the toilet of course.  Regardless, the main plot idea is something that has become very real over the years with the likes of Anonymous, and the US/Chinese back-and-forth hackathons that have been not so secretly-going on.

Drop us your thoughts below, if you’re qualified!  More great movie trailers to come – thanks for stopping by SQ!

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