Greatest Surfer Interview Ever, or Audition Video for Workaholics?

Let’s just get this straight: I’m not even slightly qualified to talk about surfing, but this website is half-mine so guess what – we’re talking about surfing.  While I was stationed out in Hawaii for a few years with the Marines, and I did take a surf lesson on about 6-8 foot waves at the same place (Turtle Bay) where Kunuu taught Jason Segal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, let’s just say surfing isn’t for me.  It was a stellar workout, but yeah, I’d rather do other things like just swim and/or drink Kona Brewing Co. beer on the beach.  But enough about me, this latest post is about quite possibly the greatest surfer interview you will ever witness – or is it actually a secret audition video for the new and fourth Workaholics character?  You decide – I’m just going to keep laughing.

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