PS4 Launch Lineup Will Trump Previous PlayStation Launches

Superlatives are fun.  “The PS4 is going to kick ass.”  “The PS4 will be the best ever.”  “SQ is probably the best website you’ve ever seen.”  Mark Cerny, the lead architect over at Sony’s PlayStation 4 department, has resorted to that very linguistic avenue when he recently described the upcoming PS4 launch lineup.  In a recent three-page interview with GamaSutra, Mr. Cerny made this very bold, yet extremely vague launch prediction: “The launch lineup for PlayStation 4–though I unfortunately can’t give the title count–is going to be stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware.”  While pretty much every hardware maker believes this (just to keep the superlative train going), Sony is now just coming out and saying it.  While it is arguably the most vague statement of the year, it does feature two words that I think give away what he’s basing his claim on.  Hit the link below for our Slightly Qualified take.

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