Iraq Air Force Fights Back Against ISIS – Airstrike Video

If you haven’t heard the news yet, President Obama just authorized US airstrikes to not only protect our forces in embattled Iraq, but to target ISIS positions as well “if necessary”.  With ISIS fighters now explicitly targeting Christians – demanding that they “convert or die” – the Iraq situation is now much more than a “situation”; it is actually becoming quite dire.  While I don’t ever foresee our military stepping foot in Iraq again like we did in OIF, I do think special forces will be sent in to assist if they haven’t already.  After all, someone has to coordinate all those airstrikes!  Speaking of airstrikes, the above video is a must see as this footage did not come from American airpower, but rather the Iraqi Air Force.  It’s awesome to see how far along they’ve come; while I was only in Afghanistan, having worked with their army I can definitely relate.  More discussion after the link!

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OEF Brothers & Sisters: What’s Our War Soundtrack?

So as I’m sitting here watching Forrest Gump and the awesome scenes from when Forrest enlisted and went on to Vietnam, it made me think about war soundtracks: Vietnam obviously solidified its soundtrack years ago through the countless movies that have defined it, but what about OEF?  What’s our war soundtrack?  For those out in SQ Nation that aren’t sure what OEF stands for – Operation Enduring Freedom – it’s the official name to the “War in Afghanistan”.  For that matter, OIF could be included as well in this conversation since the two wars completely overlapped.  I just posed this very question over in Reddit’s excellent /r/Veterans subreddit, but would love to hear the thoughts of our fellow OEF’ers (and OIF) here at SQ.

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