Iron Dome Intercepts 15 Hamas Qassam Rockets Simultaneously (Video!)

I remember back in high school in my very first political science class – I got my undergrad in poli sci as well – having a huge debate about if missile defense systems were worthwhile.  At the time the technology wasn’t quite proven – I’m talking about circa 2000/2001, so 13 or 14 years ago – and the entire argument about how the systems would simply lead to an arms race was heavily held as well.  Today I think it’s safe to say the technology is quite effective, however the argument regarding the arms race matter is still on the table.  The video you are about to see – and I’m not here to take sides on this crazy, eternal conflict – is absolutely insane.  The rocket sirens are numbing, and I’ve been to Afghanistan: can you imagine waking up to that daily living in Israel?  No thanks.  Please do not pass this video up, and be thankful that the country you live in is not in a continual state of domestic war – for those of you over in this mess, stay safe.

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