Greatest Surfer Interview Ever, or Audition Video for Workaholics?

Let’s just get this straight: I’m not even slightly qualified to talk about surfing, but this website is half-mine so guess what – we’re talking about surfing.  While I was stationed out in Hawaii for a few years with the Marines, and I did take a surf lesson on about 6-8 foot waves at the same place (Turtle Bay) where Kunuu taught Jason Segal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, let’s just say surfing isn’t for me.  It was a stellar workout, but yeah, I’d rather do other things like just swim and/or drink Kona Brewing Co. beer on the beach.  But enough about me, this latest post is about quite possibly the greatest surfer interview you will ever witness – or is it actually a secret audition video for the new and fourth Workaholics character?  You decide – I’m just going to keep laughing.

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300: Rise of an Empire Trailer

This isn’t Sparta, it’s SQ, but 300 was such a bad ass action movie, you knew they were going to unleash a sequel to keep the green-screened cash cow going.  Although the film is still about 9 months out, the first official trailer is absolutely jaw dropping: all of the violence, details, and dark, ominous tones (to quote Peter Bretter from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) are back, along with some new faces, to include former Casino Royale “Bond Girl” Eva Green.  Also new to the green screen is a completely different battlefield: the sea.  Had I realized that prior to watching the trailer, the Marine in me would have been a little discouraged, but after watching the trailer, this thing will still be epicly violent, and yes, epicly is a word in my book.  300: Rise of an Empire lands in theaters March 7th, 2014, and this is one you will not want to miss – trust me.

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